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Abbreviations Announcing Yadis 1.0
Architectural Assumptions Background CAPS Cops
Change Proposal HowTo Change Proposals
Comments Conventions Current Identity Systems
Current events Discussion page Draft-001
Draft-002 Draft-002-a Draft-002-b
Draft-002-c Draft-002 Alternatives Draft-002 Argument
Draft-002 Decision progress Draft-002 Requirements Draft-029
Draft 0.7 Etel-2006-Bof
Examples For more information
FutureWork Goals History of Russia
Hosting Yadis Impact Impact-d001
Implementing Age Verification Jscp LID
LID SSO Main Page Meeting-2005-12-01
Minimum Relying Party Normative references
OpenID OpenID Specification Open Issues Open Issues
Overview of the Yadis Protocol Presentations Priority: HTTP header or meta tag?
Proposed Yadis API
Protocol Protocol-d001 Provider-driven identity adoption
Questions About Yadis RelyingParty Design Recommendations
Rename X-Yadis-Location to X-XRD-Location
Rename X-Yadis-Location to X-XRDS-Location Sandbox Scope
Sect 0 - reword Sect 3.1 - Term Cleanup Sect 3.1 - Yadis User
Sect 3.2 - Removal Sect 6.1 - remove 6.1.2 6.1.3 Sect 6.1 - reword
Sect 6.2.1 - XRI resolution Sect 6.2.1 - dehumanize Sect 6.2.5 -- case 2 needn't be HTML
Sect 6.2.5 - allow XRD Sect 6.2.6 Sect 6 - HTTP Protocol
Sect 7.3 - remove contraints Sect 7.4 - Example Fix Section 6.2.6 clarify meta parsing
Section 6.2.8 candidate for removal Section 6.2.9 Section 7.1 historical note
Section 7.3.1 clarify multiple XRD Section 7.4.1 URI requirement Section 7.4.3 - shorten
Service Discovery Protocol
Terms and definitions Draft 0.8 Use Cases
User-driven identity adoption User Scenarios Version 0.8
Version 0.82 What You Can Do What do do with URIs and other XRIs?
What is Yadis Why Yadis Matters Work Plan
XRI Resolution 2.0 specification
Yadis 0.6 Yadis 0.8
Yadis 1.0 Yadis Articles Yadis Documents
Yadis FAQ Yadis Identity Service Providers Yadis Implementations
Yadis Implementor's Guide Yadis Libraries Yadis Logo
Yadis Logon Yadis Mailing list Yadis Naming
Yadis Online Tools Yadis People Yadis Protocol Draft 0.8
Yadis Relying Parties Yadis Resource Descriptor Yadis Resource Descriptor Draft 0.8
Yadis Service Types Yadis Services
Yadis Software Yadis Song Yadis Specification
Yet Another Description of Yadis
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