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What do do with URIs and other XRIs?

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Change Proposal 003


6.2.1, the Yadis ID and XRI

"A Yadis ID MUST be a URL (or a URI or XRI resolvable to a URL)."

I agree that we want to interoperate with XRI at some stage, but this suggests that a compliant Yadis tool MUST have an XRI resolver available. Is that the intent?

--keturn 14:41, 2 January 2006 (PST)

>> Not the intent. The intent is 1) to place a restriction on both the form (URL (or URI (or XRI))) of a Yadis ID and 2) wind up with something that can be used in the protocol, which requires a URL. Looks like we have two alternatives: a note at this point in the spec or require a URL. The latter will not be friendly to our XRI and i-name collaborators. =Joaquin 2Jan6

Text has been added to make it clear that a Relying Party is not required to do XRI resolution.


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