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Currently, Yadis defines only one scenario performed by the end user. Protocols that take advantage of Yadis support many additional scenarios that Yadis users can take advantage of by virtue of their integration with Yadis , but which do not need to be defined by Yadis .


4.1 Scenario: Authentication at website

  1. The user encounters a website that allows or requires the user to present a Yadis ID (e.g. a LID or OpenID URL or an i-name). The user notices this because the website displays a text field titled “MyID” instead of the classical login box.
  2. The user enters their Yadis -enabled URL into the “MyID” text field and clicks submit.
  3. The identity consumer determines (using the Yadis Protocol) which Yadis -compatible identity protocol to use with the given identifier, and authenticates the user according to the rules of that identity protocol.
  4. Once the user is authenticated, the identity consumer may retrieve the user's profile, using the entered Yadis ID (e.g. by printing “Hi Mr. John P User!” on the top of the page)
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