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This page contains a list of service types that have been specified in a Yadis Resource Descriptor (in alphabetical order). As anybody can define their own Yadis service types, this list is necessarily incomplete; it may be helpful nevertheless.

Name Purpose Service Type URI Requires XRDS URI element Extends XRDS Namespace
AddId! Creating "Add this"-links Yes Yes
Minimum LID Minimum requirements for a URL to be a LID URL, Optional No
LID SSO LID's Single-Sign-On protocol Optional No
LID Relying Party Enables a LID Relying Party to state that fact Optional No
LID Traversals and Selections Vocabulary-independent mechanism to traverse from a LID URL to related information (e.g. profile information, but usable with any vocabulary) Optional No
LID Format Negotiation Enables clients to specify the representation in which they would like to obtain information, e.g. but not limited to MIME type Optional No
LID Authenticated Message Sender Enables identity URLs to specify that they can send authenticated LID messages Optional No
LID Authenticated Message Receiver Enables URLs to specify that they can receive authenticated LID messages Optional No
OpenID sign-on OpenID's Single-Sign-On protocol Yes Optional
OpenID SReg Extension Extension for profile data submission uses OpenID sign-on URL No

Authors and developers: add the service types for your Yadis-compatible specifications here!

Some hints:

  • The "Service Type URI" is the content of the Type-element in the Service-element
  • In "Use" describe in a word or a few what your service is good for
  • For "Requires URL" enter either "Yes" if a server must be specified or "No" if this functionality can be executed on the original Yadis URI or at some known centralized server.
  • For "Own Namespace" enter either "None" if no additional elements are introduced to the XRD, "Optional" if a namespace is present but not required for basic functionality or "Required" if service only works with additional elements. The namespace URI and element listing should be found in the specification on the website of the service.
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