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Draft-002 Argument

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Am i wrong? If so, exactly where do i go wrong in the following argument?

1. If a person is being identified by a Yadis URL, either a) they are using an identity service provided by someone else, or b) they are operating their own identity service.

2. If 1 a), using a service, then it is reasonable that the Yadis spec require some technology at that service. If we accommodate the citizen-operated service, we are fine for the other services.

3. If 1 b), operating their own service, then either they is a geek or they ain't. If they is, forget them: it's their problem.

4. Therefore, Conclusion I : We need to consider only the citizen-non-geek-operated service.

5. If the service is citizen-non-geek-operated, either a) they are in control of how the resource located by their Yadis URL is structured and operates, or b) they are not.

6. If 5 a), they are in control, then Conclusion II: We want to require as little as is reasonable, but not necessarily as little as possible. Reason: if they are in control, we can reasonably ask them to install a very standard tool or two.

7. If 5 b) they are not in control, then either a) they have a single page only and they can't put anything on that page except in the HTML body or b) they have a single page and can also put text in the HTML head or c) they can put up other files that we can retrieve with a properly formatted URL, but that's it or d) they can do more.

8. Either a) we don’t support 5 b) citizen-non-geek-operated, not-in-control or b) we do.

9. So, Conclusion III: We should quickly choose between 8 a) and 8 b).

10. Conclusion IV: If we choose 8 b), we need to choose which capabilities we will require of a citizen-non-geek-not-in-control-operated Yadis capability discovery service; that is, which of citizens 7 a) thru 7 d) we will accommodate.

11. If we choose 7 c), there are several cases to consider.

....... end of question .......

At mid-afternoon today, I favor choosing 8 b) citizen-non-geek-operated, not-in-control. Even at the expense of extra gets and a more complicated protocol. The prime requirement is: Further adoption. Unless someone has recently edited Draft-002 Requirements.

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