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[edit] and Yadis is now a Yadis relying party, supporting both OpenID and LID SSO as URL-based sign-on protocols.

This site currently runs a patched version of MediaWiki 1.6, the software originally created for Wikipedia. The patches currently are:

  • NetMesh InfoGrid LID PHP, version 2.0b7
  • the MediaWiki patch for NetMesh InfoGrid LID PHP, version 0.2

Both can be downloaded from


User interface

If you select the standard MediaWiki "create an account or log in" from the top right corner of the screen, you can create and use a regular MediaWiki account. In this case, the LID and OpenID logos disappear from the bottom-right corner for as long as you are logged on, because you are not using an identity URL.

If you decide to use your identity URL to identify yourself, click on the LID or OpenID logos in the bottom-right corner of your browser (with the LID 2.0 Standard Look and Feel).

You do NOT need to go through the MediaWiki Login page, nor do you need to create an account; you only need to provide your identity URL. If you log in successful, the standard MediaWiki "create an account or log in" line will disappear from the top right corner, and the identity URL that you are using will be shown in the bottom-right corner of your screen.

Clicking on it will make you anonymous again.

The user interface is the same for OpenID and LID.


Current status

Currently, LID support for MediaWiki (and thus this site) is alpha-quality. To try it out, you may want to get an identity URL from one of the providers listed Yadis Identity Service Providers or any other LID or OpenID URL.



If you encounter bugs of the software running at, please list them on this page's discussion page.

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