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RelyingParty Design Recommendations

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Some ideas for the technical side:

  • if the user enters a hostname like "", this is automatically converted to
  • if the user enters something with a first character that is usual for XRIs (like "=username"), this is automatically converted to xri://=username
  • in other cases the full URL must be entered (e.g. https://identityprovider/users/name/)
  • other URI schemes should be rejected unless there is a well-known resolving mechanism (e.g. for mailto: this has been discussed multiple times on the mailing list)

Some ideas for design:

  • The login area should NOT be designed in a way that local users may enter their username and password whereas external users enter their OpenID in the same username field while leaving the password blank (this might confuse).
  • The login area should always contain some name that users may recognize (see Yadis Naming: myD, IRL, URU ...) plus a small Yadis Logo, plus logos or names for all signon services (OpenID, LID, ...).
  • For now there should be a link "What is this?" pointing to a page where the Yadis concept is briefly explained to users. Some links to identity providers should be included.
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