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  1. Background (1920 bytes)
    4: ...currently being used by well over fifteen-million users world-wide.
  2. Goals (1992 bytes)
    10: * to provide a unified experience for users who wish to assert their personal digital identit...
    20: ...ild upon as to not discard their previous work or users.
    21: ...ith other Yadis enabled services, providing their users with SSO abilities outside of their own architect...
  3. Architectural Assumptions (3642 bytes)
    22: It is a natural expectation of (non-technical) users that that they can employ search engines such as ...
  4. User Scenarios (1052 bytes)
    1: ...adis support many additional scenarios that Yadis users can take advantage of by virtue of their integrat...
  5. Yadis Resource Descriptor Draft 0.8 (16660 bytes)
    197: ...vices available at the resource identified by the users Yadis ID:
  6. Yadis FAQ (8363 bytes)
    15: ...ead of having to sign up for yet another account, users can identify themselves by:
    23: ...ment a basic profile query so that they can greet users with "Hi Bob!" instead of "Hi http://exam...
    33: likely will support each mechanism that their users might want to use. Yadis simply assists the relyi...
    35: ...long as it is acceptable to the site that certain users may not be able to authenticate with their identi...
    74: ...protocol servers can be created without requiring users to understand how the technology works. Additiona...
  7. FutureWork (4519 bytes)
    12: ...this will then make such identifiers available to users of the underlying sign-on protocols.
  8. Draft-002 Alternatives (5034 bytes)
  9. Even non-tech users may simply upload a file to the webspace they got...
  10. User adoption: some users may own the document named by their Yadis URL, bu...
  11. Some hosts may not allow users to edit their HTML head field

  12. 75:
  13. User adoption: many users don't even know what HTML head may be, and won't ...

    Users have two different URLs (if there is also a human...

  14. Draft-002-a (880 bytes)
    3: '''Fallback (possible):''' Users who can not deliver different content based upon ...
  15. Draft-002-b (881 bytes)
    3: '''Fallback (possible):''' Users who can not deliver different content based upon ...
  16. Yet Another Description of Yadis (3953 bytes)
    59: retrieve profile information about TypeKey users. TypeKey does not use
    60: a URI as the identifier for its users. In order to use the API, the
  17. Version 0.8 (29621 bytes)
    433: ...vices available at the resource identified by the users Yadis ID:
  18. Yadis 0.8 (28990 bytes)
    407: ...vices available at the resource identified by the users Yadis ID:
  19. Cameron-Burton-Castaneda-Podcast-Transcript (28018 bytes)
    45: ...ll plug into and Craig's will plug into and then, users could potentially be involved in various differen...
    153: ...n the browser ... why would somebody want to tell users to walk away from that? And who else can upgrade ...
  20. Sect 3.1 - Yadis User (321 bytes)
    1: ...ghly human-centric. It's already been agreed that users aren't limited to humans. Yadis is just a discove...
  21. Why Yadis Matters (4869 bytes)
    17: ...a user registration system of some kind for their users
  22. RelyingParty Design Recommendations (1208 bytes)
    4: ...RL must be entered (e.g. https://identityprovider/users/name/)
    8: ...nter their username and password whereas external users enter their OpenID in the same username field whi...
    9: ...e login area should always contain some name that users may recognize (see [[Yadis Naming]]: myD, IRL, UR...
    10: ...e where the Yadis concept is briefly explained to users. Some links to identity providers should be inclu...
  23. Hosting Yadis (506 bytes)
    7: ...on the other hand, is much simpler; most computer users will be able to do it.

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