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This page is now only of historical interest.

Please discuss pros and cons of specific alternatives at one of the pages listed immediately below. Feel free to use this page for more general discussions.

Draft-002-a ?meta=

Draft-002-b HTTP Accept

Draft-002-c URL convention

Draft-002-d link attribute link

Draft-002-e plain text

Draft-002-f URL locating

Draft-002-g capabilities in link attributes


General discussion

1. If Yadis capabilities are defined in terms of XRDs, what is the impact of current OASIS IP Legacy that governs the XRI spec on Yadis, if at all?

2. Since most XRID namespace elements are open for arbitrary inclusion of any external content, the subset that is used should probaly be tightly defined in Yadis.

< Joaquin> I agree. I will make this explicit in the text. However, we do say that particular services have this arbitrary inclusion right.
Should we discuss whether to remove this freedom? 30 Nov 5

3. What will we require of citizens that want to themselves enable their own web page to participate in the Yadis capability discovery protocol?

Since the Yadis list is all "loops back to myself" while in transit, I have posted my argument temporarily at Draft-002 Argument

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