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Draft-002 Requirements

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This page summarizes the requirements for a Capability Discovery Protocol.

Another page summarizes the alternatives proposed for the protocol.

Information on the work on this draft is at Draft-002 Decision progress.

These requirements are listed in priority order.

Please discuss particular requirements using the links shown.

Please discuss priorities at Priorities.

  • 1. Simple: Require as little as possible from citizens who wish to adopt.
  • 2. Citizens: Make it a) possible and b) as easy as possible for a citizen to set up their own identity server when using a service provider who does not cooperate.
  • 4. ISPs: Make it as easy as possible for service providers.
  • 5. Our changes: Minimize changes required of identity systems participating in The Yadis Project.
  • 6. Other systems: Maximize compatibility with other existing identity systems.
  • 7. Clean: Make it architecturally clean.
  • 8. Efficient: Minimize number of HTTP requests.
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