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Yadis Relying Parties

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This page contains a list of publicly accessible relying parties (in alphabetical order):

Website Description Integrated Services
I make mistakes I Make Mistakes is a social experiment. Welcome. OpenID
I want my OpenID! The community marketing home of OpenID. OpenID LID site LID, OpenID
LiveJournal Large weblog site, accepts comments with OpenID authentication. OpenID NetMesh developer site LID, OpenID National Health Information Network wiki LID, OpenID Jan Rain's OpenID site OpenID RSS Extensions wiki LID, OpenID Wiki in support of the Berkman identity mash-up conference (based on MediaWiki) LID, OpenID Yadis community wiki (based on MediaWiki) LID, OpenID
Zooomr Photosharing for all! OpenID

Authors and developers: add your Yadis-compatible relying parties here!

Some hints:

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