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Yadis Libraries

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This page contains a list of libraries (in alphabetical order):

Name URL Platform/Language Description Integrated services
InfoGrid LID [1] PHP, Perl, Java Use Yadis, LID, OpenID in an integrated package that abstracts away the details of the protocols and provides high-level and easy-to-use APIs as well as a common look-and-feel LID GPG-based authentication
LID Traversal Profile
LID vCard Profile
Authenticated messaging
leaSystem [2] Delphi a Delphi unit set for XML-parsing and multiple web services, includes a (beta) Yadis unit (leaXRDSProcessor) -
Net::Yadis::Discovery [3] Perl a Perl CPAN module to discover a Yadis Resource Descriptor -
Net-Yadis [4] Perl a Perl module to discover services using the Yadis protocol. It parses the XRDS services document for you -
python-yadis [5] Python Yadis support for a relying party OpenID
ruby-yadis [6] Ruby Yadis support for a relying party

Authors and developers: add your Yadis-compatible libraries here!

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