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Yadis 1.0

The Identity and Accountability Foundation for Web 2.0

— Fully under control of the user — URL-based — Simple — Multi-protocol — Multi-vendor —

Originator: NetMesh Inc.

  • Several open-source and corporate implementations, most platforms
  • Single Sign-On, attribute exchange, authenticated messaging, social functionality...

NetMesh InfoGrid,

Originator: Six Apart Inc.

  • Several open-source implementations, most platforms
  • Single Sign-On, delegation

Livejournal, Movable Type,,

Originator: Cordance Corp. at al.

  • Several open-source and proprietary implementations
  • Single Sign-On, attribute exchange, data sharing, introduction forms, link contracts...

Cordance, Ootao, OASIS,

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Yadis Specification

The current version of the Yadis specification is 1.0, released March 2006.

Older documents are available at Yadis Documents.


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