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Our goal is to make a YADIS relying party, i.e. a site that recognizes both OpenID and LID URLs as digital identitifiers. But we aren't quite there yet ... (see Current Status below)

This site runs a patched version of MediaWiki 1.5.0, the software originally created for Wikipedia. The patches currently are:

  • NetMesh InfoGrid LID PHP, version 2.0b3
  • the MediaWiki patch for NetMesh InfoGrid LID PHP, version 0.1

Both can be downloaded from


User interface

If you select the standard MediaWiki "create an account or log in" from the top right corner of the screen, you can create and use a regular MediaWiki account. In this case, the LID logo disappears from the bottom-right corner.

We use the LID 2.0 Standard Look and Feel, i.e.: If you select the LID logo from the bottom right of the screen, you can specify your LID URL as your identity. (You do NOT need to go through the MediaWiki Login page, nor do you need to create an account!) If you log in successful, the standard MediaWiki "create an account or log in" line will disappear from the top right corner.

We plan to integrate OpenID in a similar way.


Current status

Currently, LID support for MediaWiki (and thus this site) is at best alpha-quality. To try it out, it might be easiest to get a LID URL from and clicking on the LID logo in the bottom right of the screen.

There is no support for OpenID at all yet, and the YADIS discovery protocol is not supported either. However, we plan to make it so. If you are interested in helping out, that'd be great. While OpenID is stable, the YADIS specs may still change, depending on what feedback we get. So we're not in too much of a hurry.

The basic idea of the integration is to:

  • instantiate a class other than MediaWiki's User class that knows how to represent a YADIS identifier if one has been specified
  • fall back on the existing MediaWiki user management functionality if no YADIS identifier has been specified
  • use the MediaWiki user SQL table as much as possible
  • not modify the MediaWiki scheme, other than adding new tables
  • keep the number of patches to MediaWiki small

with the longer-term goal of contributing back to MediaWiki, a project that has been asking for single-sign-on functionality for some time.