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Alternative Identifiers

It is unclear to me what specific work is being suggested in this section.


A further exploring of this idea

We made the architectural choice of building a REST-ful system. On one hand, a URI-based system would be more general (URLs are a subset of URIs). On the other hand, it would also be less powerful (because a user could not simply type an identifier into a web browser and expect a reasonable response, e.g. a web page about the owner of that identifier).

XRIs are a borderline case because there is a well-defined mapping between XRIs and URLs, so for all practical purposes, Yadis can treat XRIs as URLs. That is not possible for general URNs, and just like any web browser, Yadis does not support them.

I suggest that this proposed work should not be done under the Yadis umbrella as it is in conflict with some of the core principles behind Yadis.

> Most URLs currently used with OpenID are as simple as, and I think this is a human-friendly identifier. Maybe one could add to the Yadis spec (OpenID already contains this) that URLs as simple as this (only host name, no local part except /) may always be used without http:// at the beginning and / at the end, only --Http:// 14:13, 26 December 2005 (PST)


Re Bill.Barnhill 19:44, 5 November 2005 (PST) Communitivity

Similar, for example, to what is implemented in mIDm.

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