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Dave Ember designed a nice logo for Yadis, which seems to have been adopted by acclamation on the mailing list on March 31, 2006.

We will have to determine how we want the logo to be used (support? self-certification? official certification?) but for now, here it is:


EPS version for printed materials: Yadis-logo-1_0.eps

FreeHand MX file: Yadis-logo-1_0.fh

If you like the logo, please visit Dave Ember's site. His contact information:

Dave Ember
Bend OR 97701
phone: 541-383-2110


here's a 32x32 image and I made you an favicon too. png2ico and xv are the tools involved. Sorry the png background is kind of dirty, just took out the words with xpaint and stretched it square with xv. Don't know how to fill with a clean background with those crude tools :)

I still think the logo looks like a subway stop though. here it is as a favicon.

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