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YADIS Naming


Suggestions for complete names (from brainstorming on the mailing list, in random order, except for two picked out and put at the top):

For the protocol:

  • OpenISD (Open Identity Service Discovery)
  • ISD (Identity Service Discovery)

Both can be used
ISD for short

  • Earl
  • OpenDisco
  • IDSD (Identity Service Discovery)
  • ISCD (Identity Service Capability Discovery)
  • IDCD (Identity information Capability Discovery)
  • ISP (Identity Service Protocol)
  • cadis (capability discovery system)
  • scads (simple capability discovery system)
  • scad (simple capability discovery)
  • Ego, egoCaps
  • Delve, delveCaps
  • touchCaps
  • CXP (Capabilities Exchange Protocol)
  • CDP (Capability Discovery Protocol)
  • IDP (Identity service discovery Protocol)
  • openCaps
  • DCX (Declarative Capabilities Exchange)
  • MetaAssert
  • CapLink

For the identifier:

  • myD
  • IRL (In Real Life => Identity Resource Locator)

IRL for geeks and standards
myD for humans and marketing

  • URI->URL->URU, where "URU" (you-are-you)
  • NCI/WCI/NCU/WCU (Net/Web Citizen ID/URL)

Terms and concepts that should be included in the name:

  • Open
  • Decentralized
  • User-controlled
  • Extensible
  • very, very simple
  • URL-based
  • REST-ful
  • Secure
  • Meta
  • Capabilities
  • Service
  • user centric
  • human centric
  • power to the person
  • person controlled

how about "HURU" (who-are-you) gotta find its acronymation though, although it could be clumsy. It may mean "freedom" in swahili.