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[This page needs more content. It is supposed to describe what people can do if they like the idea of Yadis, LID, OpenID, i-names etc. It needs to speak to different audiences, such as community site operators, identity providers, techies with ideas etc.]



If you are technical

  • Download a Yadis / LID / OpenID / i-names implementation, and add it to your website, so people can bring their identities instead of having to sign up for yet another account
  • Integrate Yadis with other protocols
  • Innovate and create other insanely great identity technologies, or social software, on top of Yadis

If you would like to evangelize

  • Tell your local web interest groups
  • Tell your employer
  • Give a speech [add links to slides]
  • Sing or help write the Yadis Song

Learning more

Internet Identity Workshop, May 1-3, 2006. Mountain View, CA. (wiki)


If you would like to understand the business opportunities presented by Yadis

The following companies would gladly take your call:

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