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Entrepreneur, Visionary & Technologist

I am an entrepreneur, advisor and technologist specializing in online security and social software. Life With Alacrity is my professional blog, covering a variety of topics including entrepreneuring, collaboration, groupware, social software, online communities, facilitation, wiki, internet security, trust, cryptography, privacy, interface design, internet media, internet tools, and other topics that I am passionate about. I have a proven record founding, growing, managing, and selling technology companies. I am available for speaking engagements or as an advisor, consultant, interim manager, CEO or CTO for a visionary technology company. If you want more information about my background or are interested in contacting me please use my LinkedIn Profile.



groupware, collaboration, consensus, security, cryptography, SSL, TLS, IETF, social software, blogging, internet, architecture, interface, design, programming, technology, social games, online games, role-playing games, books, movies, hand-drumming