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2 Goals

The goals of Yadis are:

  • to further broaden the applicability and feature set of OpenID, LID, XRI/i-names and of other personal digital identity technologies: not by creating more fully-featured stovepipe technologies, not by expecting the world to conform to specs under control of a single vendor, but by creating an interoperable foundation around which many can innovate.
  • to reduce the fragmentation and to improve the interoperability of today's digital identity technologies; this includes to help reduce the number of passwords the typical Internet user has to manage today.
  • to provide a unified experience for users who wish to assert their personal digital identity on the Internet, regardless of the underlying technical plumbing.
  • to contribute a multi-vendor, multi-technology personal identity foundation for Web 2.0.
  • to make identification and authentication easier on the Internet, without compromising privacy.
  • to follow an open, meritocratic process for doing so, e.g. by following common open source development practices.
  • to allow and foster innovation and competition within the personal digital identity market.
  • to provide a foundation that current personal digital identity systems can build upon as to not discard their previous work or users.

Yadis ' initial focus is to empower the individual user with user-centric personal digital identity, and not so much to serve the needs of enterprises for, say, enforcing compliance with government regulations. While there are successful uses of the described technologies in enterprises already, we realize that more work needs to be done to address additional enterprise requirements. If you have specific expertise in this area, we very much appreciate your input. We do however see the ability for corporations to integrate their existing authentication mechanisms with other Yadis enabled services, providing their users with SSO abilities outside of their own architecture.

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