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Current Events (and past)


Yadis Specification 1.0 published

Yadis Specification 1.0

March 21, 2006, 1:30, Sunnyvale CA


Panel at Microsoft Mix '06

March 21, 2006, 1:30, Las Vegas NV


Panel at PC Forum

March 14, 2006 in the afternoon. Carlsbad CA.


Session at MashUp Camp

February 20, 2006, Computer History Museum, Mountain View CA


Identity BOF at O'Reilly Etel

January 24-26, 2006, San Francisco Airport Marriott More info at


Another Yadis draft

Draft Version 0.8 of the Yadis Specification was published on the last hour of the year (local solar time).


Internet Interoperability Developer Workshop

The second in the series of Internet Identity Workshops was held in San Francisco Monday 12 December. Agenda here. Attendees here.


XRI Resolution draft

Friday 9 December was the deadline for suggested changes to the current XRI Resolution draft. Work is underway on the next draft.


Yadis Consensus meeting

The meeting held to gain consensus on details of the Yadis Protocol was a success. See the meeting notes.


Internet Identity Workshop (IIW)

October 26-27, 2005 Hillside Club, Berkeley, CA

Go to Announcement.

Johannes Ernst of NetMesh (LID) and Brad Fitzpatrick of Six Apart (OpenID) gave back-to-back talks there on October 26th. YADIS was discussed on the 27th as well. The XRD folks joined the discussion and the consensus was to adopt the XRD schema for the Yadis Resource Descriptor document.

Recorded talks are available from Phil Windley's site. (There isn't a recording of the Yadis discussion)


SDForum Security SIG

Johannes Ernst of NetMesh talked about LID and Yadis at the SDForum's Security SIG on October 27th Palo Alto CA.

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